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Company Overview

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Company History

Highland Materials is a manufacturer of purified silicon whose history dates back to 2006.  Supported by a world class management team. Highland Materials is positioned to be a major supplier of solar grade silicon primarily to the PV market and Battery silicon anode markets, as well as other industries. The Company has a unique, patent protected silicon purification technology that enables Highland to produce high purity material with a 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared to other major manufacturers.


Johnson City, Tennessee

Projects completed

600 MT Produced in Pilot​

PV Cells Produced

20 million cells

Cost Structure

40% less than competitors


3rd Party Verifications

U.S. Department of Energyand numerous solar mfrs.

Silicon Production

 16,000 MT/yr initialgrowing to 20,000 MT/yr

CO2 Emittance

>90% less than industry players


Global reach – additional manufacturing or licensing